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Spirits and Spice

January 21st, 2015 0

Event Spotlight: Spirits & Spice @ Marché Toronto

An exclusive event is being held at  Marché Toronto to celebrate the culinary cuisine of the Caribbean. Spirits & Spice is a week long celebration that invites everyone to enjoy the warm aromas, savoury spices, and pulsating rhythms of the Caribbean. Until Saturday, Spirits & Spice, Marché will feature a selection of Caribbean dishes alongside it’s usual…

Eddie Murphy

January 12th, 2015 0

New music Monday: Eddie Murphy – Oh Jah Jah

Hey Limers, Today’s new music comes from a very unlikely source…Eddie Murphy. Known more for his acting and comedic talents, Murphy surprised us all by releasing a new reggae track. He’s no stranger to music and had a top ten hit in the 80s with “Party All the Time”…my 80s babies should remember that! And…

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