Army Fete

Saturday July 6th, 2019 @ Boss Nightblub

Tickets Status: Time Expiration Notification

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Army Fete @ Boss Nightblub

AAAAATTENTION!!!! The season get closer to Toronto Carnival Season and you want BIG VIBE!!! The People's Fete is ARMY FETE. The safest fete for the SUMMER is here! Wear your ARMY or MARINE or your best NAVY SEAL outfit! YOU GOT ON YOUR CAMOUFLAGE...NOW FALL IN...Toronto's heaviest DJ artillery is here and they're locked and loaded!

D' Bandit - specializing in tactical assassins
Dr. Jay - is the under cover medic in the field guaranteed to keep the nurses busy
DJ Shy - Is Ever The Versatile Marine...Land and Sea
General Presto will have his troops in check
D' Enforcas are weapons management
DOC is explosives!
Boss Nightblub, 10 Esna Park, Markham, ON, L3R 1E1
Event Type
Special Event
Saturday July 6th, 2019
Minimum Age
Mature, Young Professionals, University/College, D Bandit Events
Dress Code
Top 40, Reggae, Soca, Dance Hall, Electro
1 floor
Tickets Release
Tues June 11 at 12pm
MCs or Hosts
Eman, Mista Presto
D' Bandit, Dr. Jay, Jester, Whitebowy, DOC, Enforcas

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