Carnival Rehab

Monday August 7th, 2023 @ Cabana Pool Bar

Carnival Rehab @ Cabana Pool Bar

The Annual After Toronto Carnival Pool/Patio Party
Cabana Pool Bar, 11 Polson Street, Toronto, ON
2:30pm - 8:30pm
Event Type
Special Event
Monday August 7th, 2023
Mature, Young Professionals, University/College, D Bandit Events
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca, Dance Hall, Chutney, Afrobeats
Bottle Service
Tickets Release
Tuesday June 21st 12:00pm
MCs or Hosts
Kid Kut and friends
D' Bandit, Jester and friends
Please read FAQs before you make a purchase as well if viewing from a mobile device click the image to have access to more images

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Patio Experience and Poolside Experience

Poolside allows you to go poolside as well as the Patio Experience areas

I purchased a booth where are my tickets?

As the booth purchaser you will receive the main booth ticket plus the additional tickets for your booth as a pdf.

How will my booth number be assigned?

Booths will be auto-assigned at the time of purchase based on the order they are confirmed.

Where is my booth?

Please refer to the floor plan image. Your booth number would be on your ticket

It says my booth capacity is 15 people but I only received 5 tickets

For the others in your group please purchase additional single tickets. These people can then meet you at your booth or enter with you through the bottle service line. Please make sure your tickets match your designated area

I have a Cabana Poolside Booth how can I get my friends to meet me in that area?

Any guests that would like to be poolside MUST purchase Poolside Experience tickets. This is a very limited area so please purchase in advance before they sell out

Is gratuity included in my booth purchase

NO. Please note for all booth packages gratuity will be automatically added when your bill is finalized. The alcohol amount is simply a minimum spend to receive the booth. This amount will act as a deposit or will be subtracted from your final bill amount

There is a service charge & taxes with my purchase

Yes there is a website service charge plus 13% taxes

I have a group of 30 for a Cabana would that be an issue it says capacity is 25

Yes. Booth capacity is for the safety of everyone!

Where can I see bottle prices

The bottle price list is given to us by the venue the week of the event. You can call them at 416-469-5655

What if I want 3 bottles and they are less than the alcohol amount for my booth?

You can add non-alcoholic drinks to make up the difference. Please remember there is a minimum spend for each booth

I did not receive my tickets

Many email providers have high blocking policies. Very often emails containing tickets get blocked. PLEASE include your mobile device number as a backup to receive your tickets. Please make sure to type your email correctly. If you have not received them please email and we can resend them to you

Can I get in the pool?

Yes of course with the right attire and the right tickets = swim wear + poolside tickets

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