Redemption ~ The Ultimate Outdoor Reggae Experience

Sunday August 22nd, 2021 @ MFG Complex

Please be sure to check the FAQs for all information.
Bubble Podium Purchase = 8 tickets + $150 in alcohol

Type Price Qty
General Admission $50.00
Bubble Podium $470.00 SOLD OUT
payment types

Redemption ~ The Ultimate Outdoor Reggae Experience @ MFG Complex

MFG Complex, 10801 McCowan Rd, Markham, ON, L3P 3J3
Event Type
Special Event
Sunday August 22nd, 2021
Minimum Age
Mature, Young Professionals, University/College, Urban, D Bandit Events
Reggae, Dance Hall
Tickets Release
Tuesday July 20 at 12:00pm EST

Frequently Asked Questions

How will tickets be sold?

Tickets will be sold online or selected outlets for cash payments

Will there be food at the event

Yes food will be sold at the event

Will this be sold as single tickets or group tickets?

Tickets will be as both single and group tickets

What is included in each group ticket?

-Admission tickets for up to 8 patrons
-Non-transferable and non-refundable $150 in alcohol
-Food portion/platter for the group

What if I wanted to come by myself could I purchase single tickets?

Yes of course you can come by yourself

What happens if Ontario goes back in to lockdown before the event?

Tickets will be FULLY refunded. Including service charge

Will there be a rain date

No this is a rain or shine event

Will there be alcohol served at the event


Do we need to stay in our cars?

No each group will be given your own personal podium/stage to party in your bubble.

What will be the approximate cost of each group ticket?

Tickets will start around $470 + Service + HST = 8 people admitted + $150 in alcohol.

When do we have to wear our face masks?

You have to wear your face mask when physical distancing with people outside of your bubble is difficult.

This is why we have these podiums to allow you to party with people in your bubble.

Eg. If you leave your podium and go to the washroom then you would need your mask. If you leave to go to the bar then you need your mask. If you are on your podium partying with your friends then you don't need your mask.

For more information on this topic please refer to

How do I know where my podium is?

The podium ID is above your barcode

What type of alcohol do we get for the $150

A FULL bottle service list will be posted soon. However please note this could also be use toward beer or softdrinks. However this MUST and CAN ONLY be redeemed once. There will NOT be a tab.

I got 7 admission tickets where is the 8th one?

The Bubble Podium ticket will act as the 8th ticket

How much are single general admission tickets?

$50 + hst + $5 service charge

Will the people with single tickets be in a completely different area from the Bubble Podiums? Will I be able to see my friends who are in a Bubble Podium?

No. They are in the same area. Yes you will be able to see them.

PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of a Bubble Podium is to allow those who are not comfortable to party with large crowds to somewhat have the ability to separate themselves. People with single tickets will have a separate wristband to be in the event. This wristband does not allow them to be in/on a Bubble Podium. However owners of these podiums can secure their podium as they wish. So you may have one person who has a single ticket come on your podium to take a drink with you 2 would be your limit.
People with single tickets will be encouraged to social distance or wear a mask where social distancing is difficult as per the guidance of the Ministry of Health in Ontario -

Will I be able to dance in between the Bubble Podiums?

We will have a designated area on the sides of the main stage where people can party? We will be attempting to keep the lanes beside the podiums clear for people going to and from these podiums. Your assistance with this would be appreciated ;)

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